In the DSM-oriented scale of the CBCL, affective problems, anxiet

In the DSM-oriented scale of the CBCL, affective problems, anxiety problems, somatic problems, ADHD problems, oppositional defiant disorder problems, and conduct disorder problems showed significant improvements. On the DSM scale of the TRF, Inattention syndrome improved significantly after the BPT sessions, while other syndromes showed non-significant changes. We conclude that the BPT program significantly improved the children’s behavioral problems at home and inattention problems at school.”
“It has been proved that polyurethane (PU) foam and viscoelastic PUs are offering better

Cushioning and shock absorption properties than other materials such as foam rubbers, polyethylene, ethylene vinyl acetate, and polvvinyl chloride which are used currently as insole materials Selumetinib chemical structure in therapeutic footwear for diabetic and orthopedic patients to “”offload”" or redistribute high pressure under the foot. The aim of this research work was to prepare viscoelastic

materials based on PUs having the highest degree of phase buy Screening Library separation that provides for the elastomeric nature of these polymers. Polymer structures with a high concentration of amide groups can be made with the addition of hydrazine or a diacid hydrazide to a diisocyanate. We had prepared various PUs by chain extending the isocyanate-terminated prepolymer with terepthalic dihydrazide, 5-hydroxy isothalic dihydrazide, and 1,4-butanediol. Polymers were developed into sheets by phase inversion method using dimethyl ML323 formamide as solvent and water as nonsolvent.

To improve the mechanical properties of PU sheets the polymer solution was blended with polyester-based PU Desmopan 8078 (CPU) in 1 : 1 ratio and the solution mixture was developed into sheet by the same method. Further PU sheets based on only CPU were also developed with various concentrations of PU. The synthesized PU and their blends with CPU were characterized by infrared spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetry, thermo gravimetric analysis, get permeation chromatography, and dynamic mechanical analysis. Morphological characteristic’s of PU sheets were Studied by scanning electron microscopy. (c) 2008 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 111: 2387-2399, 2009″
“Component-resolved diagnostics (CRD) have become of growing importance in clinical investigation of IgE-mediated allergies. This review updates the current use of CRD in respiratory allergies (e.g. to pollen, animal dander, mites, latex), as well as in allergies to hymenoptera venom or in food allergies to plants (e.g. Bet v 1 homologues, lipid transfer proteins, storage proteins) or to animal-derived food allergens (e.g. milk, meat, fish).

Our study has the limitations of a pilot study with a small popul

Our study has the limitations of a pilot study with a small population and a short follow-up. Based on these results, we would advise beginners to take into account APR-246 the necrosis thickness and to limit the depth of vaporization. Conclusions: Through the use of ECUS, our study demonstrated that a large area of necrosis is induced around the surgical cavity from the action of the GreenLight laser. Being aware of this phenomenon will certainly reduce the risk of complications induced by surgery.”

The objective of the present investigation was to determine the role of the tannic acid (TAN) component of organic matter dissolved in water, in the removal of sodium dodecylbenzenesulphonate (SDBS) by ozone and by O-3/H2O2, O-3/granular activated carbon (GAC) and O-3/powdered activated AZD8186 clinical trial carbon (PAC) advanced oxidation processes.

RESULTS: Low doses of TAN (1 mg L-1) during SDBS ozonation cause (i) an increased ozone decomposition rate and (ii) an increased SDBS removal rate. The SDBS removal rate with ozone in the presence of TAN was reduced when HCO3-

ions were added. A rise in TAN concentration increased the SDBS removal rate, with a linear relationship between added TAN and the removal rate. SDBS was removed more effectively by O-3/GAC, O-3/PAC and O-3/H2O2 systems in the presence of TAN.

CONCLUSIONS: Results obtained indicated two mechanisms involved in the generation of HO center dot radicals C188-9 inhibitor by the O-3/TAN interaction: (i) direct generation of HO center dot radicals from the reaction between ozone and TAN, and (ii) increased generation of O-2(-center

dot) radicals in the medium, enhancing the transformation of ozone into HO center dot radicals by different radical reactions. In O-3/GAC and O-3/PAC systems, HO center dot radicals are mainly generated in the O-3/TAN interaction, which is a homogeneous reaction with fast kinetics, whereas the O-3/GAC and O-3/PAC interactions are in a heterogeneous phase with much slower kinetics, and are therefore not competitive in the generation of HO center dot radicals. (C) 2008 Society of Chemical Industry”
“Overweight and obesity independently increase cardiovascular risk, while even modest weight loss can result in clinically significant improvements in cardiovascular risk and reduce long-term mortality. Lowering the body mass index (BMI) threshold for bariatric surgery to those with moderate obesity might be one way to lower the burden of this disease. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of laparoscopic adjustable silicone gastric banding (LAGB) in moderately obese subjects with or without obesity-related co-morbidities.

Thirty-four patients with BMI between 30 and 35 kg/m(2) (5 males/29 females, mean age 36 +/- 10 years, mean preoperative weight 87.9 +/- 7.1 kg, mean BMI 32.6 +/- 1.6 kg/m(2) and mean percentage excess weight 48.

78; 95% CI, 0 49 to 1 25)

Conclusions: The incidence

78; 95% CI, 0.49 to 1.25).

Conclusions: The incidence of primary total joint arthroplasty in HIV-positive patients has been increasing. These patients were at slightly higher risk of certain immediate postoperative complications because of a higher rate of medical comorbidities. HIV infection was not an independent risk factor for the total rate of perioperative complications.”
“We study the proximity Josephson sensor in both bolometric and calorimetric Selleck SN-38 operation and optimize it for different temperature ranges between 25 mK and a few kelvin. We investigate how the radiation power is absorbed in the sensor and find that the irradiated system is typically in a weak nonequilibrium state. We

show in detail how the proximity of the superconductors affects the device response: for example, via changes in electron-phonon coupling and out-of-equilibrium noise. In addition, we estimate the applicability of graphene as the absorber material.”
“Computed tomography (CT)-guided biopsy of the spine is considered a safe, accurate, and relatively inexpensive examination technique. Our purpose was to determine the diagnostic accuracy of CT-guided biopsies exclusively for vertebral osteomyelitis. A retrospective study was performed from a consecutive series of 72 patients

with confirmed vertebral osteomyelitis with 46 CT-guided biopsies performed in 40 patients. Biopsy specimens were sent for bacteriologic and cytologic analysis. An adequate specimen for microbiologic examination was not obtained in one case and not enough sample for additional pathologic examination in 17 cases. The mean

age of patients was 58 years, with Oligomycin A chemical structure a range of 1-88 years, including 24 men and 16 women. The level of spinal biopsy was thoracic in 18 (40%) and lumbar in 28 (60%). The analysis revealed the infection agent in 20 cases (43% sensitivity). Diagnostic rates obtained in patients with previous antibiotic treatment were significantly lower (23% vs. 60%, p=0.013). Computed tomography-guided fine-needle RG7112 aspiration biopsy is an important tool in the diagnostic evaluation of vertebral osteomyelitis. However, this technique yields a lower diagnostic rate than previously reported biopsy of neoplastic vertebral lesions, especially if performed in patients with previous antibiotic treatment.”
“The harvesting of the middle hepatic vein (MHV) with the right lobe graft for living-donor liver transplantation allows an optimal venous drainage for the recipient; however, it is an extensive operation for the donor. This is a prospective, nonrandomized study evaluating liver functions and early clinical outcome in donors undergoing right hepatectomy with or without MHV harvesting. From August 2005 to July 2007, a total of 100 donor right hepatectomies were performed with (n = 49) or without (n = 51) the inclusion of the MHV. The decision to take MHV was based on an algorithm that considers various donor and recipient factors.

Meta-analysis was considered to be not appropriate due to clinica

Meta-analysis was considered to be not appropriate due to clinical heterogeneity, methodological differences and flaws.

Conclusion: Twelve studies comparing the outcomes of QoL, functional ability

and physical activity between limb-sparing and ablative surgery groups were identified, with an overall moderate methodological quality. Their largely varying outcomes suggest that no general conclusions on the advantage of either limb-sparing or ablative surgery in patients with malignant bone tumours of the lower extremity can be drawn. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Tin doped CuInO2 thin films deposited by rf magnetron sputtering technique show columnar structure with (006) preferred orientation. Conducting atomic force microscopy measurements show the presence of Proteases inhibitor nanoconductivity regions when the current flow direction is along the in-plane InO6 layer and absence of conducting regions when the current direction is along O-Cu-O layers perpendicular to the film surface. The strong anisotropy observed in the electrical properties of tin doped samples is due to the preferred crystallite orientation and highly anisotropic delafossite

structure. A large change in the electrical conductivity value and activation energy value in undoped films and tin doped samples has also been explained in terms of change in crystallite orientation on doping. Spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements have been used to determine the optical constant and dielectric function of CuInO2 and CuInO2:Sn films and show a band gap find more value of 4.5 eV in tin doped samples due

to removal of structural defects.”
“The current available methods for diagnosis of GORD are symptom questionnaires, catheter and wireless pH-metry, impedance-pH monitoring and Bilitec(@). Osophageal pH monitoring allows both quantitative analysis of acid reflux and assessment of reflux-symptom association. Impedance-pH monitoring detects all types of reflux (acid and non-acid) and allows assessment of proximal extent of reflux, a relevant parameter for understanding symptoms perception and extraoesophageal symptoms. Bilitec provides a quantitative assessment of duodeno-gastro-oesophageal reflux. Oesophageal motor abnormalities have been associated with GORD symptoms as well as chest pain and dysphagia. High-resolotion manometry contributed to re-classify oesphageal motor disorders. However, barium swallows are still essential for evaluation of oesophageal anatomy and combined oesophageal manometry-impedance can assess oesophageal motility and bolus transit simultaneously in a non-radiological way. Still in experimental phase, high-frequency ultrasound allows monitoring of the oesophageal wall thickness and exaggerated longitudinal muscle contraction that might be associated to chest pain and dysphagia. This chapter provides a critical evaluation of the clinical application of these techniques. (C) 2009 Elsevier Ltd.

7 mature oocytes were available for fertilization/patient The fe

7 mature oocytes were available for fertilization/patient. The fertilization rate was 77.8%, resulting in 4.5 +/- 2.7 vitrified embryos/patient. The median duration from the first evaluation to oocyte retrieval was 13 days. Calculated pregnancy rates per vitrified oocyte and embryo were 3.8% and 8.1%, respectively. IVM can be considered a useful option for fertility preservation in breast-cancer patients. (C) 2010, Reproductive Healthcare Ltd. Published by Elsevier

Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“BACKGROUND: Postpartum hematomas are a potentially serious obstetric complication for which management options are not standardized. We report successful treatment of a large postpartum hematoma using arterial embolization as primary approach.

CASE: A 29-year-old woman at term gestation underwent vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery. Two hours later, marked rectal pain developed. Examination revealed a large left vaginal hematoma and no Nutlin3a obvious bleeding sites. Computed tomography demonstrated a 10-cm supralevator hematoma and extrauterine arterial bleeding. Angiography revealed contrast extravasation from a branch of the left internal pudendal artery. Selective

embolization of this branch stopped the bleeding. The patient was discharged on the third postpartum day. Eight weeks after delivery, there was no evidence of the hematoma.

CONCLUSION: Arterial embolization can be used as a first-line treatment for large postpartum PCI-34051 nmr hematomas.”
“Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is strongly associated with metabolic abnormalities in Western women. However, data from other populations and geographical regions are scarce. This study evaluated cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors in Chinese Pexidartinib infertile women diagnosed with PCOS using the 2003 Rotterdam consensus criteria. A total of 615

women representing the four PCOS phenotypes (oligo- or anovulation (AO) + hyperandrogenism (HA) + polycystic ovaries (PCO), AO + HA, AO + PCO and HA + PCO) underwent standardized metabolic screening including a 75 g oral glucose tolerance test. All groups presented with similar reproductive characteristics, with the only difference being a significantly higher Ferriman-Gallwey score for hirsutism (P = 0.01) in the subgroup characterized by HA + PCO. Overall, the prevalence of metabolic syndrome was 6.4%, with no difference among the four groups (range of 2.3-12.2%). Metabolic syndrome was associated with body mass index (P < 0.001), waist/hip ratio (P = 0.002), index of insulin resistance (P = 0.005) and fasting insulin (P = 0.009) in multivariate analysis. Compared with Caucasians and Chinese women in Westernized societies, mainland Chinese women with PCOS have a low risk of metabolic syndrome and its presence does not vary across the specific PCOS phenotypes. (C) 2010, Reproductive Healthcare Ltd. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“BACKGROUND: Oxidized regenerated cellulose is a topical hemostatic agent that is used commonly in abdominal and pelvic surgery.

Males show a severe form of this disease, while females often man

Males show a severe form of this disease, while females often manifest mild to moderate symptoms. We identified a missense mutation (c.463C>T) in the EDA gene in a Jordanian family, using direct DNA sequencing. This mutation leads to an amino acid change of arginine to cysteine selleck chemical in the extracellular domain of ectodysplasin-A,

a protein encoded by the EDA gene. The phenotype of a severely affected 11-year-old boy with this mutation included heat intolerance, sparse hair (hypotrichosis), absence of 17 teeth (oligodontia), speech problems, and damaged eccrine glands, resulting in reduced sweating (anhidrosis). Both the mother (40 years old) and the sister (10 years old) were carriers with mild to moderate symptoms of this disease, while the father was healthy. This detailed description of the phenotype caused by this missense mutation could be useful for prenatal diagnosis.”
“Background: Studies of glycoconjugate selleck inhibitor vaccines have traditionally used an immune challenge with a plain polysaccharide vaccine to demonstrate immunologic memory. Plain polysaccharide vaccines are poorly immunogenic in children and can induce subsequent immunologic hyporesponsiveness. We therefore assessed the use of glycoconjugate vaccines as an alternative method of demonstrating immunologic memory.

Methods: Children immunized with hepatitis B vaccine or serogroup C meningococcal glycoconjugate vaccine (MenCC) at age 2, 3, 4 months received a plain polysaccharide

meningococcal serogroup A/C vaccine (MenACP) or MenCC at age 12 months. A post hoc analysis of serum bactericidal activity responses to MenCC assessed whether this differed in MenCC primed and MenCC naive infants.

Results: click here MenCC primed children displayed higher geometric mean serum bactericidal titers

than MenCC naive children following MenACP (1518 compared with 30; P = 0.003). A similar difference was seen after a dose of MenCC to toddlers (MenCC primed: 8663, MenCC naive: 710; P < 0.001). The latter comparison became a borderline significance after adjusting for higher pretoddler immunization serum bactericidal geometric mean titers in the MenCC primed group (P = 0.068).

Conclusions: Administration of glycoconjugate vaccines provides an important alternative method of demonstrating immunologic memory, avoiding the use of plain polysaccharide vaccines that are potentially deleterious in children. This has implications for the design of all future clinical trials of glycoconjugate vaccines.”
“Objective-To evaluate the clinical response rate, progression-free survival time, overall survival time, and possible prognostic factors associated with a cyclophosphamide-, vincristine-, and prednisone (COP)-based chemotherapy protocol in cats with lymphoma.

Design-Retrospective case series.

Animals-114 cats with lymphoma.

Procedures-Medical records-of cats receiving a weekly COP-based chemotherapy protocol from 1998 to 2008 at the Matthew J.

A body of evidence is not

rated up in quality if studies

A body of evidence is not

rated up in quality if studies yield consistent results, but may be rated down in quality if inconsistent. Criteria for evaluating consistency include similarity Blebbistatin mouse of point estimates, extent of overlap of confidence intervals, and statistical criteria including tests of heterogeneity and I(2). To explore heterogeneity, systematic review authors should generate and test a small number of a priori hypotheses related to patients, interventions, outcomes, and methodology. When inconsistency is large and unexplained, rating down quality for inconsistency is appropriate, particularly if some studies suggest substantial benefit, and others no effect or harm (rather than only large vs. small effects).

Apparent subgroup effects may be spurious. Credibility is increased if subgroup effects are based on a small number of a priori hypotheses with a specified direction; subgroup comparisons come from within rather than between studies; tests of interaction generate low P-values; and have a biological rationale. (C) 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.”
“House calls provide a unique perspective on patients’ environment and health problems. The demand for house calls is selleck inhibitor expected to increase considerably in future decades as the U.S. population ages. Although study results

have been inconsistent, house calls involving multidisciplinary teams may reduce hospital readmissions and long-term care facility stays. Common

indications for house calls are management of acute or chronic illnesses, and palliative care. Medicare beneficiaries must meet specific criteria to be eligible for home health services. The INHOMESSS mnemonic provides a checklist for components of a comprehensive house call. In addition to performing a clinical assessment, house calls may involve observing the patient performing daily activities, reconciling medication discrepancies, and evaluating home safety. House learn more calls can be integrated into practice with careful planning, including clustering house calls by geographic location and coordinating visits with other health care professionals and agencies. (Am Fam Physician. 2011;83(8):925-931. Copyright (c) 2011 American Academy of Family Physicians.)”
“Direct evidence comes from research that directly compares the interventions in which we are interested when applied to the populations in which we are interested and measures outcomes important to patients. Evidence can be indirect in one of four ways. First, patients may differ from those of interest (the term applicability is often used for this form of indirectness). Secondly, the intervention tested may differ from the intervention of interest. Decisions regarding indirectness of patients and interventions depend on an understanding of whether biological or social factors are sufficiently different that one might expect substantial differences in the magnitude of effect.

Aspirin is used as thromboprophylactic agent in approximately 25%

Aspirin is used as thromboprophylactic agent in approximately 25% of patients undergoing total hip and total knee arthroplasty in year 2006 in England and Wales. There is no difference in mortality in these patients compared to patients on other pharmacological agents.

There is conflicting evidence and differences

in interpretation of the data from the literature. If specific outcome measures and complications such as symptomatic DVT, PE and bleeding were logged in arthroplasty registers, the resulting data would be useful in individualised decision-making.”
“The CCAAT/enhancer-binding proteins Selleckchem VS-4718 (C/EBPs) are a family of leucine-zipper transcription factors that regulate gene expression to control cellular proliferation, differentiation, inflammation and metabolism. Encoded by an intronless gene, C/EBP beta is expressed as several distinct protein isoforms (LAP1, LAP2, LIP) whose expression is regulated by the differential use of several in-frame translation start

sites. LAP1 and LAP2 are transcriptional activators and are associated with differentiation, whereas LIP is frequently elevated in proliferative tissue and acts as a dominant-negative inhibitor of transcription. However, emerging evidence suggests that LIP can serve as a transcriptional activator in some cellular contexts, and that LAP1 and LAP2 might also have unique actions. selleckchem The LIP: LAP ratio is crucial for the maintenance of normal growth and development, and increases in this ratio lead to aggressive forms of breast cancer. This review discusses the regulation of C/EBPb activity by post-translational modification, the individual actions of LAP1, LAP2 and LIP, and the functions and downstream targets that are unique to each isoform. The role of the C/EBP beta isoforms in breast cancer is discussed and emphasis is placed on their interactions with receptor tyrosine kinases.”
“The leaching process of copper and zinc from copper converter

slag with ferric iron in sulfuric acid solutions obtained using the association of acidophilic chemolithotrophic microorganisms was investigated. The best parameters of PI3K inhibitor chemical leaching (temperature 70 degrees C, an initial concentration of ferric iron in the leaching solution of 10.1 g/L, and a solid phase content in the pulp of 10%) were selected. Carrying out the process under these parameters resulted in the recovery of 89.4% of copper and 39.3% of zinc into the solution. The possibility of the bioregeneration of ferric iron in the solution obtained after the chemical leaching of slag by iron-oxidizing acidophilic chemolithotrophic microorganisms without inhibiting their activity was demonstrated.”
“Patients with asthma who have persistent symptoms despite treatment with inhaled steroids and long-acting beta agonists are considered to have severe asthma. Omalizumab is a monoclonal antibody directed against IgE, which is used as an add-on treatment for patients who have severe persistent allergic asthma.

9% expressly denied wishing to do so

The most importa

9% expressly denied wishing to do so.

The most important barriers were the costs, the unclear benefit and a feared worsening of the doctor-patient-communication during consultation.

Conclusion: IT and especially EMRs are underused in daily ambulatory care in Switzerland. To increase the use of EMRs, several approaches could be helpful. First of all, the benefit

of EMRs in daily routine care have to be increased as, for example, by decision support systems, tools to avoid pharmaceutical interactions and reminder systems to enable a proactive treatment of chronically ill patients. Furthermore, adequate approaches to offer appropriate reimbursement for the financial investments have to considered such as an additional payment for electronically generated, evidence based quality indicators.”
“Purpose: To describe the neuroimaging manifestations of Lyme disease at magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the brain.

Materials and Methods: Institutional review board approval was obtained and HIPAA compliance was followed. This study retrospectively

reviewed the MR imaging findings of all patients seen from 1993 to 2007 in whom neuro-Lyme disease was suspected and who were referred ICG-001 clinical trial for MR imaging of the brain for the evaluation of neurologic symptoms.

Results: Of 392 patients suspected of having neuro-Lyme disease, 66 patients proved to have the disease on the basis of clinical criteria, serologic results, and response to treatment. Seven of these 66 patients showed foci of T2 prolongation in the cerebral white matter, one had an enhancing lesion with edema, and three demonstrated nerve-root or meningeal enhancement. Of the seven patients with foci of T2 prolongation in the white matter, three were an age at which white matter findings due to small-vessel disease are common.


In cases of nerve-root or meningeal enhancement, ACY-241 Lyme disease should be considered in the differential diagnosis in the proper clinical setting. (C) RSNA, 2009″
“The redistribution of boron during the formation of the Ni silicides was investigated using atom probe tomography and transmission electron microscopy. A 7 nm amorphous intermixed region was found after deposition of a 30 nm thick Ni film at room temperature. The formation of this Ni-Si layer was found to have almost no influence on the boron implantation profile. After heating at 290 degrees C for 1 h, three types of silicides (Ni(2)Si, NiSi, and NiSi(2)) were identified below a thin remaining film of Ni (8 nm). The unexpected presence of the silicon-rich NiSi(2) phase at this temperature may be caused by the presence of a thin silicon oxide (SiO(2)) observed at the Ni/Ni(2)Si interface that may act as a diffusion barrier. The average boron profile in NiSi(2) and NiSi silicides is similar to the profile in the silicon substrate before reaction. A segregation of boron at several interfaces was detected. Small boron clusters (1.5 at.

Compared with turbo spin-echo imaging, DW imaging had higher sens

Compared with turbo spin-echo imaging, DW imaging had higher sensitivity (76% vs 7%) but slightly lower specificity (94.0% vs 99.5%) for detection of subcentimeter nodal metastases.

Conclusion: DW imaging performed with ADC(b0-1000) values had higher

accuracy than turbo spin-echo MR imaging in nodal staging, providing added value in the detection of subcentimeter nodal”
“This study deals with the degradation of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) waste through aminolysis with various amines. All of these degradation experiments were carried out at ambient temperature and at normal pressure. Although PET is known to be recycled in many ways, but still there is a need of development of other environment friendly recycling techniques. The amines used to study the degradation of PET waste were namely methylamine, ethylamine, and n-butyl amine, respectively where the degradation of PET waste completes in 45 days. The aminolyzed products so obtained were characterized by using various conventional techniques such as spectroscopic techniques namely IR, NMR, and simultaneous differential scanning calorimeter (DSC). In the present research work, a useful method of PET recycling by using various amines was successfully established. (C) 2009 Wiley p53 inhibitor Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym

Sci 115: 3074-3080, 2010″
“The systematic study of the defect structure evolution in single crystal

specimens deformed in situ in the high voltage transmission electron microscope (HVTEM) was started around 1977 in the Baikov Metallurgy Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. All the experience gathered for the past 30 years has set up the basis for the determination of the way that metals adapt to the different physical factors inside the HVTEM column. In the present work the detailed phenomenology of the check details generation and propagation process of cracks in single crystals of Mo with different crystallographic orientations as well as the kinetics of opening of primary and secondary cracks and the tip evolution for cracks with different dislocation generation sources is presented. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi: 10.1063/1.3284090]“
“The present study proposes an agar diffusion microbiological assay for quantitation of the antibiotic doripenem in powder for injection. The method was developed according to official guidelines and its stability-indicating performance was studied by stress testing in pre-defined conditions of heat and UV-C radiation. Based on the response obtained from growth inhibition of a strain of Staphylococcus epidermidis ATCC 12228, the quantitation was carried out in the range of 1.0 – 4.0 mu g ml(-1). The percentage of drug estimated was 99.42% (RSD=3.12%), with satisfactory intra-day and inter-day precision.