7 Children and adolescents should only consider use

of E

7. Children and adolescents should only consider use

of ED or ES with parental approval after consideration of the amount of carbohydrate, caffeine, and other nutrients contained in the ED or ES and a thorough understanding of the potential side effects.   8. Indiscriminant use of ED or ES, especially if more than one serving per day is consumed, may lead to adverse events and harmful side effects.   9. Diabetics and individuals with pre-existing cardiovascular, metabolic, Selleck BTSA1 hepatorenal, and neurologic disease who are taking medications that may be affected by high glycemic load foods, caffeine, and/or other Selleckchem I-BET151 stimulants should avoid use of ED and/or ES unless approved by their physician.   References 1. Froiland K, Koszewski W, Hingst J, Kopecky L: Nutritional VX-680 supplier supplement use among college athletes and their sources of information. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab 2004, 14:104–120.PubMed 2. Hoffman : Caffeine and Energy Drinks. Strength Cond J 2010, 32:15–20.CrossRef 3. Hoffman JR, Faigenbaum AD, Ratamess NA, Ross

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