Typification: A part of Rehm’s original specimen of Hypocrea rufa

Typification: A part of Rehm’s selleck chemicals llc original specimen of Hypocrea rufa var. discoidea is here selected as lectotype of Hypocrea subalpina: Austria, Salzburg, Radstadt, on wood and bark of Picea abies; 1901, F. v. Höhnel, Rehm Ascomyceten 1446 (K 165796). Petrak (1940) listed four paratype specimens. The following specimen is here designated as epitype, in order to consolidate the relationship of teleomorph, anamorph and gene sequences: Austria, Vorarlberg, Feldkirch, Satteins, south from Matennawald, MTB 8724/3, 47°15′03″ N, 09°40′33″ E, elev. 930 m, on corticated branch of Abies alba 4 cm thick, stromata on bark, few on wood, largely immature, 1 Sep. 2004, A. Hausknecht, W.J. 2663 (WU 29481, ex-epitype culture CBS 119128 = C.P.K.

2038). Holotype of see more the anamorph Trichoderma subalpinum isolated from WU 29481 and deposited as a dry culture with the epitype of H. subalpina as WU 29481a. Other specimens examined: Austria, Niederösterreich, Lunz, on Abies pectinata click here (= A. alba), July 1939, F. Petrak, Reliquiae Petrakianae 37 (paratype,

GZU). Scheibbs, Lunz am See, Rothwald, Kleiner Urwald, MTB 8256/2, elev. ca 1000 m, on branch of Abies alba, on bark, 28 June 2007, A. Urban, W.J. 3105 (WU 29484, culture C.P.K. 3126). Salzburg, Radstadt, on wood and bark of Picea abies; 1901, F. v. Höhnel (as Hypocrea rufa var. discoidea; isotype W 7138). Steiermark, Aussee, on Abies alba, Sep. 1903, R. Rechinger (paratype, W!). Bruck/Mur, Halltal, Walstern, fluvial alder forest at the white Walster east of the Hubertus lake, MTB 8158/3, 47°48′35″ N, 15°22′41″ E, elev. 830 m, on branch of Abies alba 3 cm thick on the ground, on bark, immature,

23 Sep. 2008, H. Voglmayr, W.J. 3219 (WU 29486). Liezen, Kleinsölk, Schwarzensee, hiking trail to Putzentalalm, MTB 8749/1, elev. 1170 m, 47°17′12″ N, 13°52′13″ E, on corticated branch of Larix europaea 6 cm thick, 7 Oct. 2004, W. Jaklitsch, W.J. 2772 (WU 29482, culture C.P.K. 2039). St. Lorenzen im Paltental, ca 2.5 km WNW from Trieben, MTB 8552/2, elev. 750 m, 47°29′ N, 14°27′ E, on bark of Pinus sylvestris, 4 Oct. 2002, A. Draxler & W. Maurer, Scheuer 4834 (GZU). Zauchensee bei Bad Mitterndorf, MTB 8449/2, on bark of Picea abies, 24 Aug. 2004, A. Draxler & W. Maurer (GZU). Vorarlberg, Bludenz, Sonntag, forest path at the Lutz bridge, Großes Walsertal, MTB 8725/3, elev. 780 m, 47°14′17″ N, 09°54′27″ E, on ADP ribosylation factor fallen, half decorticated tree of Picea abies 5–7 cm thick, stromata on wood and bark, soc. cf. Athelopsis glaucina and an effete setose pyrenomycete, immature, 1 Sep. 2004, H. Voglmayr & W. Jaklitsch, W.J. 2650 (WU 29480). Estonia, Saaremaa island, Tagamoisa, wooded meadow, on cut branch of Picea abies, on bark, 10 Aug. 2006, K. Pöldmaa KP06-8 (WU 29483). Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Schwarzwald, SW Hornberg, W Oberniedergieß, MTB 7815/1, elev. 580 m, on branch of Picea abies, on bark and wood, immature, 23 Oct. 2008, L. Krieglsteiner. Bavaria, Mittenwald, Klais, heading to Kranzbach, MTB 8533/124, elev.

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