Appl Environ Microbiol

61:1323–1330PubMed Glawe DA, Roger

Appl Environ Microbiol

61:1323–1330PubMed Glawe DA, Rogers JD (1984) Diatrypaceae in the Pacific Northwest. Mycotaxon 20:401–460 Hall TA (1999) BioEdit: a user-friendly biological sequence alignment Selinexor manufacturer editor and analysis program for Windows 95/98/NT. Nucleic Acids Symp Ser 41:95–98 Heath TA, Hedtke SM, Hillis DM (2008) Taxon sampling and the accuracy of phylogenetic analyses. J Syst Evol 46:239–251 Highet A, Wicks T (1998) The incidence of Eutypa Dactolisib concentration dieback in South Australian vineyards. Annual Technical Issue – 1998. The Australian Grape Grower and Winemaker 414:135–136 Hinds TE (1981) Cryptosphaeria canker and Libertella decay of aspen. Phytopathology 71:1137–1145CrossRef Hinds TE, Laurent TH (1978) Common aspen diseases found in Alaska. Plant Dis Rep 62:972–975 Hyde KD (1993) Cryptovalsa halosarceicola sp. nov. an intertidal saprotroph of Halosarceia halocnemoides. Mycol Res 97:799–800CrossRef Hyde KD (1995) Eutypella naqsii sp. nov. from intertidal Avicennia. Mycol Res

99:1462–1464CrossRef Hyde KD, Rappaz F (1993) Eutypa bathurstensis sp. nov. from intertidal Avicennia. Mycol Res 97:861–864CrossRef Jurc D, Ogris N, Slippers B, Stenlid J (2006) First report of Eutypella canker of Acer pseudoplatanus in Europe. Plant Pathol 55:577CrossRef Kirk PM, Cannon PF, Minter DW, Stalpers JA (2008) Dictionary of the fungi, 10th edn. CAB International, selleck Wallingford Lardner R, Stummer BE, Sosnowski MR, Scott ES (2005) Molecular identification and detection of Eutypa lata in grapevine. Mycol Res 109:799–808PubMedCrossRef Moller WJ, Kasimatis AN (1978) Dieback of grapevine caused by Eutypa armeniacae. Plant Dis Rho Rep 62:254–258 Mostert L, Halleen F, Creaser ML, Crous PW (2004) Cryptovalsa ampelina, a forgotten shoot and cane pathogen of grapevines. Australas Plant Path 33:295–299CrossRef Munkvold GP, Marois JJ (1994) Eutypa dieback of sweet cherry

and occurrence of Eutypa lata perithecia in the central valley of California. Plant Dis 78:200–207CrossRef Nitschke T (1867) Pyrenomycetes germanici. Breslau Pildain MB, Novas MV, Carmarán CC (2005) Evaluation of anamorphic state, wood decay and production of lignin-modifying enzymes for diatrypaceous fungi from Argentina. J Agric Technol 1:81–96 Pitt WM, Huang R, Trouillas FP, Savocchia S, Steel CC (2010) Evidence that Eutypa lata and other diatrypaceous species occur in New South Wales vineyards. Australas Plant Pathol 39:97–106CrossRef Pollock DD, Zwickl DJ, McGuire JA, Hillis DM (2002) Increased taxon sampling is advantageous for phylogenetic inference. Syst Biol 51:664–671PubMedCrossRef Rannala B, Huelsenbeck JP, Yang Z, Nielsen R (1998) Taxon sampling and the accuracy of large phylogenies. Syst Biol 47:702–710PubMedCrossRef Rappaz F (1987) Taxonomie et nomenclature des Diatrypacées à asques octosporées.

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