78 5% of the participants study at Abant ?zzet Baysal University

5% are male. 78.5% of the participants study at Abant ?zzet Baysal University while 21.5% study at Sakarya University. 48.9% of the students study at School of Physical Education and Sport and the others study at different departments (27.4% at www.selleckchem.com/products/DAPT-GSI-IX.html Faculty of Education, 14.1% at Bolu Vocational School and 9.6% at Faculty of Arts and Science). 35% of the participants are freshmen, 27.2% are sophomores, 20% are juniors and 17.8% are seniors. According to their age ranges, 28.9% are between 17�C19, 43.5% are between 20�C22, 19.1% are between 23�C25, and 8.5% are over or at the age of 26. According to their families�� level of monthly income, 13.5% of the participants have an income less than 600 TL (approx. $380), 40.4% between 601�C1200 TL (approx. $380�C$770), 29.8% between 1200�C1800 TL (approx.

$770�C$1150), and 16.1% over 1801 TL (approx. $1150). 17.2% of the participants stated that they were active in sports while 82.8% stated they were not. 91.7% of the participants stated that they generated a profile on Facebook, 13.3% on Twitter, 8.5% on Myspace, and 0.9% on Friendfeed. 7.2% of the participants are not a member of any social networks. Although the fans who participated in the research follow Facebook frequently (x=4.50), the average of the ones who stated that they followed Twitter was lower (x=1.38). The average of the fans following sport news on Internet sites was high (x=4.05). The fans frequently follow the official profile of their favorite team on Facebook (x=3.45). The fans stated that they were informed about the sport activities through Facebook (x=3.

33). The fans stated that they mostly learned on Facebook about the sport news they did not hear from other sources (x=3.31) (Table 2). Table 2 Use of Facebook and Twitter by the participants The fans also stated that they mostly shared the sport videos on Facebook (x=3.17). Video sharing is one of the most commonly used functions of Facebook. The fans post the goals shot in the matches on their Facebook profiles by giving links to video sharing sites like Youtube. It is observed that mostly the goal videos and interesting moments in matches are shared by the fans following the matches on Sport Toto Football Super League in Turkey. After the league matches in football, the fans make comments on Facebook about the status of their favorite teams (x=2.99).

Members share humorous messages with their team��s fans or opponent fans after Anacetrapib matches on Facebook, which is popular for giving opportunity to share opinions and ideas among members. After the first derby match in T��rk Telekom Arena, the newly built stadium of Galatasaray, where Fenerbah?e beat Galatasaray 2-1, Fenerbah?e fans posted various messages on their profiles. Some of them are as follows: – A Galatasaray fan has the right to glory for 75 minutes the most… The remaining minutes are a bottle of rak?… – Not again, even in this stadium.

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